M2O, Mountains to Ocean.

Power, passion and innovation collide to create the ultimate in technical sports products.

Our passion for all things sport drives us to create products that help professional athletes and enthusiast alike get the most out of each active activity.


We create market leading sporting products that are sold around the world. Our ranges include Compression Socks, Active Sport Socks, Performance Hydration Systems and innovative skin care products specifically designed with the active lifestyle in mind.

The team at M2O is addicted to riding, running, team sports, surfing, descending and experiencing all things outdoors - from the highest peaks at altitude to the rising crests of ocean swell.

At M2O, we’re always on the lookout for innovation and new challenges. We ask each other “What if we could…?” and go from there.

Situated in the Hills District of Sydney, Australia, M2O strives to create the best value for money products, setting the path for sporting enthusiasts who share our passion for getting out there amongst it in the great outdoors and living an active lifestyle.


Our Founder

M2O was established in 2016 by Trent Fitzgibbins, the original founder of the highly awarded JetBlack Cycling. Trent spent over ten years developing this bicycle accessory company, building it up to become a distributor of parts and equipment to 38 countries around the world.

Trent’s experience in the creation of consumer products for 21st-century adventurers extends to a vast number of outdoor activities. Over the past decade, he has led a team of designers to push the boundaries and build outdoor ranges for large brands around the world. Trent and his team’s hard work has been rewarded with multiple innovation, business and IF design awards.

Trent sold his shares in JetBlack after a decade of working with world-class athletes, helping to design and create products that improved fitness levels and bike handling skills.

As founder of M2O, Trent’s vision is to innovate and challenge, creating products that will place his latest venture far above the competition