"Training and racing in 24 Hour races and long distance marathon style events is all about consistency - you need to be able to deliver the goods every time you are on the bike. To do that means avoiding any potential problems before they start to have an impact. That is why I have got into M2O Skin Care products - the simplest way I have found to stay comfortable through long hours of racing and training." - Craig Gordon 
- Former Solo World MTB 24Hr Champion

Craig Gordon is the 2008 World 24 Hour Solo MTB Champion.

His battle to take the title off the holder, and winner of the previous 6 editions, Chris Eatough, is the stuff of legend.

Both riders were hospitalized in a battle that saw Gordo become the World Champion. The race became the feature of a movie and many magazine articles. Gordo is one of the toughest competitors ever to race a mountain bike.