Launching at EuroBike Show July 8

At M2O, we are always pushing boundaries to innovate and create new technologies. After working with and listening to the needs of some of the most elite World Cup mountain bike riders, we are proud to announce the introduction of our all new ProGrip technology.

At the elite level of any extreme sport any gain an athlete can achieve through their gear is critical to performance. We understand that every single extra watt our athletes produce will help get that little bit closer to their dream coming true. The ProGrip Technology provides absolute control, with no slippage under extreme conditions. Providing minimal leakage of power delivered to the pedals.

The ProGrip is a specifically designed pattern that works together within the pattern eliminating movement between the sock and shoe.  We found we could not just add some simple silicon in to fix the issue but we had come up with our own compound to achieve the goals of ProGrip.