"Training and racing in 24 Hour races and long distance marathon style events is all about consistency - you need to be able to deliver the goods every time you are on the bike. To do that means avoiding any potential problems before they start to have an impact. That is why I have got into M2O Skin Care products - the simplest way I have found to stay comfortable through long hours of racing and training."  - Craig Gordon - Former Solo World MTB 24Hr Champion


"Everybody thinks downhill racing is just about getting a lift to the top of the hill and riding down it for three minutes. Nothing could be further from the truth! We train really hard, on our downhill bikes, sure, but also on our road bikes! I won't train without M2O Cream on my chamois, it is just so simple to avoid problems by going out prepared.

M2O Products are a very important part of staying ready to go for a whole season, they are really helpful."
Danni Beecroft 

These socks are a class in their own. Comfortable, secure & breathable. They’re without a doubt the best socks I’ve ever had. We’re starting a team & we’re definitely getting more socks!
Richard Pearson

My son put them on straight away that night, then wore them in his school cross country the next day and reckons they are “the comfiest socks ever!!”
Magnus Farrell

I have worn the socks on three occasions now. First in my 5.10s for the actual DH. Those shoes are big and forgiving of socks so that wasn’t very informative, but they were comfortable for sure. Second time was last Sunday at the AMB100 in my skinny Italian DMT XC shoes. Didn’t get to ride the full race due to my crash but the socks come across as magical. They feel thick to the hands, seem thick on the feet as I put them on, but vanish in the shoe like thin socks. Magic! Yesterday I put them to commuting duty in my Northwave road shoes. Same story. Felt thick, wore thin. And the best but was putting them on tired feet after 9 hours in the office. The compression energised my feet for the trip home. 
Dr Michael Hanslip

With a calf tear a few weeks out from an important multisport race (coast to coast) i had lined up in New Zealand i was worried my run leg was going to be over before it began... with some rest, range of movement and strapping i made it to the start line but with no idea if it would hold up for the 2.2km sprint to the bikes and then the 30km mountain run.
The full length compression socks were great for the support of the calf, they hid the massive strapping job and as socks they performed really well over the many river crossings with ZERO blisters reported and running on wet socks the entire 30km run.
Thanks guys for the good advice on the socks, i will be adding a few of the lower cut socks to my running kit when compression isn't needed.
J.S. 2018

Being a bigger bloke just starting in Mountain Bike riding I had a chafing problem and looked for a product to help. After discovering an Australian company with the required product I placed and order for M2O skin protection anti-chafing cream. I cannot praise this product enough not only did it prevent it also helped clear up existing chafing. I will be exporting their products further.
C.R. March 2018

Awesome socks. If I'm going to spend money on socks, then these are what I'd buy. We won some at The Willo, and just bought some more. So comfortable. I wore them in a race and my legs weren't as tired as they were the day before when I didn't wear these socks. Not sure if it's placebo, but whatever works...
E. B. April 2018