Trails. What can I say. I love trails. There's so much I could say about trails. The freedom. The adventure. The way to release the pressure from daily life. The beauty of running away from the crowded city and seeing majestic creation.  

I've been a marathon runner for ten years, but I started dipping my feet in the trail world about 3 years ago. I instantly fell in love and signed up for my first 100k ultra trail running race - TNF 100 Taiwan in 2015. I ended up with good finishing time and felt like I had a lot of potential. Later I was looking into doing more 100K distance race or even 100 miles and racing in Hong Kong, China and Europe. It’s my way to travel a country.

It's been awesome and it's far from over. I've enjoyed a lot in nature and met the best people I know through running. It's become much more than a hobby. It's a style of life.