With our busy lifestyles, our bodies need all the help they can get. Active people keep track of the food they eat and the exercise they do, but they often neglect to pay attention to their recovery.

The recovery period from training is when our bodies are building muscle and making gains (or losses as the case may be). While diet is a big factor in recovery, adding in the support of compression garments helps your body flush unwanted waste product incurred during exercise. This strategy helps ease, if not eradicate, symptoms of swelling, aching, restless legs and cramps.

Compression is an easy, nontime-consuming training practice and one we all should use to improve our overall fitness and boost the results we see from our time off.

Integrating sports and medical compression

Compression has long been used in the fields of both medicine and sports to enable the body to do more. 

When scientists examine biomechanical movements and the resulting physiological improvements it is very clear that compression has benefits for the physical performance and energy levels of an athlete.

After using evidence and methods from medical research as well as sporting studies on the subject of compression, M2O have been able to replicate targeted compression socks for the sports arena. 

A coach’s view: the benefits of compression socks

As a coach, many of the athletes we train benefit from the use of compression. Effective compression wear can aid recovery and can also bring physical and psychological benefits to someone during training.

We all are aware of the circulation benefits of compression but a lot remains to be said in support of wearing these garments during exercise. Compression can help ease, if not eradicate, symptoms of swelling, aching, restless legs and cramps. It gives some athletes the confidence to push that little further in both training and racing.

I would strongly recommend any athlete to use compression garments in their training, especially anyone who is not a “natural runner” or labels themselves as the ‘weekend warrior’.  You may be very surprised at the improvement in your results when you add M2O’s compression technology as part of a ‘train smarter, not harder’ philosophy.”