M2O Endurance 5050 Crew Plus Compression Sock- Red/Black - M2O Industries

We have designed the ultimate sock for those who want a sock to wear during any active endurance sport no matter whether it’s on the trails, road or just hanging out before or after exercise but still gaining the benefits that compression has to offer without that tight feeling of a class 2 compression sock.

We have engineered the M2O’s Endurance sock range with a Class 1 graduated compression rating (15-20 mmHg). This is a slightly lower compression rating than our high-performance socks which are a Class 2 (15-33 mmHg) graduated compression. The light range delivers the many benefits of compression, adding value to your daily health and well-being as well as the benefits during and after a hard work out.

We have increased the cushioning area in the footbed to ensure the ultimate in comfort, while still applying support to your foot and ankle area with the M2O signature features in the performance and recovery ranges. You will find these socks simple and easy to put on. 


The socks come is two different sizes S/M or L/XL



  1. M20's compression system is form-fitting and provides graduated compression to your foot and calf. It supports the foots function through its full range of motion while maintaining maximum comfort.
  2. M20's ACTIVE RELEASE Anti-Inflammatory band reduces the stress on these areas by providing support.
  3. Bolstered padding in the heel for reducing stresses on impact.
  4. Odour reducing materials provide antibacterial protection and moisture wicking for dry feet and maximum comfort.
  5. M20's Elite blended yarns provide the ultimate mix for comfort and performance.
  6. Seamless toe boxes reduce chafing and blisters, providing maximum protection and longer wearability.
  7. Mesh panels accelerate moisture wicking and breathability.
  8. Specifically designed impact and energy transfer system, transferring the impact zone into energy.  
  9. Scientifically designed foot bed area incorporates technology to reduce slipping and accelerate moisture wicking.
  10. Heat transfer zones design, ed considering the proximity of the arteries and veins in the ankle to help with thermal exchange in the area to keep the entire foot cooler.